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Social Media - Facebook and Instagram

Social media is a brilliant, and low cost way to reach out to your customers and potential customers. It doesn't have to be time consuming.

Mawbray will help you build your social media presence for you and then start the process of posting. We'll then guide you to take over, if require, and mange this yourself.

You can post on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time and there are some great tools to manage the performance of your social media posts.

It really is a simple, cost effective way to boost traffic to your website and enhance the internet presence of your business, bringing more customers to you.

Let Mawbray manage your social media

We manage the social media platforms for several of our website customers. They don't have the time to do this for themselves, so we take the strain and do all the social media posting for them.

We have regular online or in-person meetings to discuss what is happening with their business at that time and what they wish to promote on social media.

The Queens Head Kettlesing is a great example of how we've been able to grow their business by effective social media management, by doing regular, interesting posts related to their business, with a view of engaging with people and drawing traffic to their website or another call to action.

It has been a huge success. In 2 years we have more then trebled their Facebook following. Each post is accompanied with quality imagery and an interesting and engaging post, and always a great call to action.

We can give great advice on using social media including Facebook and Instagram.

Contact Mawbray today to discuss your social media requirements and how we can help you.

Promote your business via social media effectively.

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